Foreman Plugin Remote Execution - Connected/Disconnected Satellite

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I installed the plugin running the cmd below, on the disconnected satellite. With this, it would allow me to push erratas and packages to the hosts.

Would I need to do this on the connected satellite as well (to push towards the disconnected satellite) ?

I ran:
foreman-installer --enable-foreman-plugin-remote-execution --enable-foreman-proxy-plugin-remote-execution-ssh

The cmd initially error'd out with:
One of the configured repositories failed (PostgreSQL14).

I first set repo to skip if unavailable but then changed the pgdg-redhat-all.repo files > baseurl to the https:..satellite-server/...PostgreSQL/PostgreSQL/ path and the cmd completed without errors.

However, a error popped up after applying a single errata on a host:
Failed to initialize: RuntimeError - Could not use any capsule for the SSH Job. Consider configuring remote_execution_global_proxy, remote execution failback proxy in setting.

Use remote execution by default is set to YES.

Not sure what else to do..


Hi Dennis, due to insufferable things we did not like with foreman and sudoers and the lack of mitigation from tickets with this issue that we still have open, we instead use Ansible to push all packages. We use plain flat non-paid ansible from EPEL with playbooks we create.

My apologies, I do not have experience with this one.


Ok. I'm not familiar with ansible at all, lol.... lets see what's behind this. Can you point me in the right direction ;-)

p.s.: Just to make sure I got it right. Even when I move CV over and publish it. The errata needs to be pushed manually to each host, correct?

Ansible has paid (Ansible Automation Platform) and non-paid (EPEL edition). We use the non-paid and have been using the non-paid for many years. Sure the paid Ansible Automation Platform is amazing, with fantastic features and is certainly worthwhile. I should probably mention that Ansible is also in Satellite, but we have not used that in Satellite, and use plain Ansible.

You can use Ansible Playbooks to do pretty much anything. FYI The RHCE is a pure Ansible deep-dive.

Ansible is heavily documented and people share playbooks all over the InterWebs. Playbooks can either follow pure Ansible functional ways defined at, or you can (especially if new to Ansible) put normal bash scripts in Ansible, or download and run a bash script with Ansible.

The latter method is often the immediate pick for those quite new to Ansible. The former is for those who over time acquaint themselves with (channeling the Mandalorian) "Ansible Way" ("This is the way", ala Mandalorian quotes)..