How to create a multi-version RHEL local mirror

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I want to limit internet access for YUM updates using RHEL4, RHEL5, RHEL6 to a single server.
Currently have a RHEL 5 Server x86_64 mirror in place created from reposync and createrepo commands.

The rhel-x86_64-server-5 channel is the default for the server.
Everything went well installing a single mirror for the default channel.
The mirror is syncing fine with RHN.
Clients can yum update from the server's mirror.

Is it possible to add another channel, for example RHEL 4 workstation i386, to the server?

Disk space is not a concern.
All of my machines have proper RH licensing.
This is strickly a desire to have a single outside world access point with respect to keeping packages updated.

My problem is getting the reposync command to download the RHEL4 rpms into a second mirror.
This command works:

reposync --gpgcheck -l --repoid=rhel-x86_64-server-5 --download_path=/rhel5-server-x86_64

this command does nothing:

reposync --gpgcheck -l --repoid=rhel-i386-ws-4 --download_path=/rhel4-ws-i386

I would really like to go with the reposync method rather than the mrepo method.



It sounds like what you want to do is what RH's Satellite server product is intended to do. If you have a "small" number of clients, check into the RH Satellite Starter Pack.

RHN 1 Year 3 Years
Item Description New Renewal MSRP New Renewal MSRP
Red Hat Satellite Proxy MCT0369 MCT0369RN $2,500 MCT0369F3 MCT0369F3RN $7,125
Red Hat Satellite MCT0370 MCT0370RN $10,000 MCT0370F3 MCT0370F3RN $28,500
Red Hat Satellite Starter Pack (manage up to 50 Registered RHEL Instances) MCT1650 MCT1650RN $4,999 MCT1650F3 MCT1650F3RN $14,247

Thanks for the reply. Too bad that Satellite = more $$$ is the solution. We already have a license agreement for all machines. The Satellite seems like paying twice for update support. For now I am trying to get a single channel repo built using the reposync method.
I'm having yum and http problems, but that is another topic.
thanks again

Hi William,

You mighy want to take a look at Red Hat proxy, less expensive but still a single point of downloading rpms.
Ok, not as powerfull as Satellite.

A little less stable (perhaps): Spacewalk, free without support.

Kind regards,

Jan Gerrit Kootstra


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