RHEV 3.2 channel in Satellite

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RHEV 3.2 is released, but can't find the channel in our satellite.
When will the RHEV 3.2 channel be available for Satellite users?



On your satellite, What do you see in the output of:

# satellite-sync --list-channels


Hi Just got this update and we have made a few changes.


Due to the channel family structure for RHEV 3.2, a new satellite certificate will need to be generated and installed to allow access to this channel.
Please generate and install a new satellite certificate.
You can generate the certificates at: https://rhn.redhat.com/rhn/systems/GenerateCertificate.do

Thanks Anand.

Trying to upgrade a RHEV manager to 3.2 that is connected to our Satellite via a RHN proxy.
When the upgrade process tries to install the new RPM's I get "The requested URL returned error: 404" on all the packages.
Do you know if I will have to do anything with the RHN proxy in regards of "family structure for RHEV 3.2"? 
Have cleared the cache on both proxy and client. Any Ideas?

Upgraded our satellite to satellite 5.5. After that it worked. May have been other factors solving the issue though.

Glad to hear you got this resolved, Pär