attached storage problem!!!

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I have a shared storage which was working fine. Suddenly I have deleted my datacenter, cluster along with its virtual mechines. After recreating all these, I am not getting my storage which I have accessed before. It discoverd the luns, and allowing me to logged in. but not giving me chances to select my lun. (+) signs are dimed. I tried a lot. Please check the image I have uploaded. the last luns I am trying to get. other luns are not working as well.


Please help me.


I cannot see any attachment on this.

Have you opened a case with support with full log collector attached. That would be the easiest way to find out what is wrong with it.

If the luns are not visible, then there could be something wrong to access the storage. We have to go through the vdsm.log to see what error we get while trying to access the storage.