Rhev and Spice protocol in virtual desktop

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We are using Spice protocol in virtual desktops. For monitoring purpose, I need to find a way to collect the following details.
a) How to find the current logon user connected to a virtual desktop?
b) How to find the endpoint the user used to connect to a virtual desktop?
c) Any API / script / log file to fetch the above details?


Hi Babu,

Let me reach out to some folks who might be able to help out with this one.

Hello, Babu

 This information (console_user_id and client_ip) is stored in the RHEV-M database. Please be aware that custom SQL queris in not supported.


Is it possible to extact this data in any way? This information is necessary to know who connected to a virtual machine, endpoint IP Address and time of access from monitoring / auditing prespective. 


Yes, it is.

You can create read-only PostgreSQL user and use it for SQL selects (It's regular PostgreSQL server). The better way is creation of custom wrapper application to do it.

As far as custom SQL don't support by Red Hat you can open support case to do it (prepare/validate queries).

I can advise to backup DB, restore it somewhere and play with it before running in production: https://access.redhat.com/site/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Virtualization/3.1/html-single/Administration_Guide/index.html#Backing_up_the_engine_database_using_the_backup.sh_script