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When I try to mount my Seagate FreeAgent USB Drive, I get:

Error mounting: mount: unknown filesystem type 'ntfs'

When I try to create/mount a ntfs partition on my sdb drive to be later used as a Samba share, I get:

Error creating file system: Cannot run mkfs: cannot spawn 'mkntfs -f -L "MyFiles" /dev/sdb2': Failed to execute child process "mkntfs" (No such file or directory)

I realize that I need the drivers so my system recognizes nfts files. My system is telling me I may already have them when I try to install fuse-ntfs-3g:

Package fuse-2.8.304.e16.x86_64 already installed and latest version.

Are there any other prerequisites? Please advise when you can. Thanks, Dave


We do not ship NTFS support by default, or provide libaries which enable this support.

You may choose to enable NTFS with unsupported third-party libraries, EPEL package some.

 How to enable NTFS support in Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Thank you very much. I was able to enable NTFS support.


This is what I did: 1. Ensure the following 2 repos are enabled: Rhel-7-server-extras-rpms & Rhel-7-server-optional-rpms 2. Open web browser on RHEL7 box then visit: fedoraproject.org/wiki/EPEL#How_can_I_use_these_extra_packages, then click on the link: The newest version of ‘epel-release’ for EL7, then Install downloaded RPM, then Open terminal: yum install ntfs-3g, then 'df –h' (verify NTFS filesystem is mounted) if not, mount it: mount /dev/sd* /directory. If you get an error you might have to spell out mount ntfs-3g /mountpoint /directory 3. Copy file to NTFS directory

Great!!!! you saved my day! I tried so many tips to get this ntfs3g package for days!! Thanks a lot!!!

Solved my issue also - thanks.

Usb not connected in Red-hat linux operating...

Enamul Haque,

I see your message in your last post contains the following words:

Usb not connected in Red-hat linux operating...

I recognize English may not be your primary language, however, this is not enough for us to go on to help you.

I'm going to take some wild guesses here. Maybe you are attempting to use a USB drive that was formatted with NTFS. If that is what is going on for you, I recommend you attempt to use the solution posted by Jamie Bainbridge above.

Otherwise, we will need more details.

Kind regards,

how to uninstall ntfs-3g

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