RHEVM : Export storage domain remove VM/Template is not removing the underlying image on the NFS export.

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Hi  everyone

Hit an issue with the Export storage domain on 3.1.0-43 which I have reported up to support.  Someone may have seen similar....

I've been carrying out a number of VM and template migrations between RHEV3.0 and RHEV3.1 using an Export storage domain.

Upon successful migration I have been removing the images from the Export storage domain. However, the remove button does not always appear to be removing the underlying image on the NFS server supporting the Export storage domain.

The Webadmin shows that the images are no longer present but this defies what is being shown as "Used" in the General tab for the Export storage domain.

Moreover, examination of the NFS share used by the Export storage domain clearly shows some images remaining.



Were you removing this while the export domain was attached to 3.0 or 3.1?

Any way support need to go through the logs to see why the image was not removed. vdsm.log from SPM host when you initiated the action will show that.

Support also will go through the nfs heirarchy to see which images belong to deleted vms and which are not. For this you need to provide output of "ls -lRh <export-nfs-mount-point>" and tarball of directory where ovf files reside.

Hope you will get it resolved by support.


The images are being removed whilst attached to the 3.1 environment.

I'll shall supply support with the required details.




I've been giving this some thought and I come to the conclusion that so long as the Export SD is inactivated on all RHEV environments, we should be able to manually remove the remaining images from the NFS share that supports the export storage domain without affecting the RHEV in anyway.

Do you concur ?



After detaching the export domain from all RHEV environment and ok to recreate a new export domain using the same share for future purpose, you can remove everything from the nfs share used for export domain.

If you want to re-attach the same export domain, you should be cautious not to remove data which is required for the export domain to be reattached like medata and directory structure.