VNC with dual display

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Is it possible to setup VNC to use it in a dual display computer?

How can i do it?

I need to give remote assistance to my users, I need to let them watch what I do on their computers.

I wish to use free software (I heard about Real VNC but i know it must be paid for business)

Up to now I'm using this solution to start vnc as soon the computer boots.

It works fine. Now i only need to let vnc-server-module to remotize both displays.

On this ( ) thread  you can see how my xorg.conf file looks like up to now, with a single display computer.


Thank you.


Hello Allessandro,

Vino can run on a dual display setup. But the catch is you are accessing it from a monitor that has lower resultion compared to that of your dual display setup, you will have to do a bit of scrolling in your client (vncviewer) window. If your remote and local machines both have dual displays, then you wouldn't have a problem.

To setup Vino, read through your other question, where i have given you instructions on what you need to do.




Dear Partha,

I don't have problems enabling Vino, but I don't know how to configure Vino server in order to show in remote both DISPLAYs.

Up to now, i can only see one display on remote site. There is no scrolling problem. Only one display is transmitted on remote site.

I updated my first post, could you re-read it?