FIPS enabled kernels in your enviroment?

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Hi Everyone,

  I have been working more and more with customers that need to have FIPS compliance in their environment. 

  I was wondering how many of you may be doing that, how you achieved compliance and you would care to share some tips/tricks and other items you may have had difficulty with and overcame?

  FIPS KCS for reference:

Thanks team!

Jim Lyle, RHCE

Technical Account Manager(TAM)


Hey Jim!  I'm actually working through something with one of our Strategic Customers and their FIPS-enabled RHEL6 systems right now.  It's a really interesting space.  FIPS is very wide-spread in the Public Sector and for folks really wanting their systems hardened.

Another good reference for FIPS and RHEL is:

I'd also love to hear customers' stories about how they're keeping compliant and maybe even some great risk adversion stories how FIPS mode and certification might have helped avoid a problem.



Chris Robinson

Technical Acccount Manager

Red Hat Inc.