Multiple instance tasks in BRMS 5.3

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Hi Gurus.

I want to know if it is possible assign  one task to multiple actors that I assign in a dynamic way,so that way all the actors have to complete that task.

Example:One manager have to send the same form to many employees (he decide hay many employees have to respond  to that form) ,and all the employees have to manage that form and the responses has to came back to the manager whit the diferent responses.

All that happens only whit two nodes ,the first one is the manager node who decide how many employees has to response the form and the second is the employee node.


Hi Luis,

I'm no expert in this area, but I've raised your question with some of my colleagues here, and they should be able to post a response shortly.


It can be done by Multi-Instance Sub-Process ( You should create a subprocess containing a humantask node. As parameter you send a list of actors, the Multi-Instance will iterate. You can find an example (BPMN2-MultiInstanceLoopCharacteristicsProcess.bpmn2) in jbpm-examples (


Thanks for the tip but when I save the process ,the Multiple Instance node is changed to Embeded Subprocess

You know if this normal?

I assume you are writing a process with jbpm-designer (opening a process in http://localhost:8080/jboss-brms/ ).

What distinguishes Multiple instance subprocess from a plain subprocess are the "CollectionExpression" and the "Variable Name" properties. If you do not set those designer will re-parse your subprocess as an embedded subprocess (default).