How to package httpd-2.4

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I'm having a discussion about the inclusion of httpd-2.4 in RHEL 6 & 7 at the moment and wondered what other customer views might be.


The basic strategy for httpd-2.4 is (to my knowledge) to include it with RHEL 7 only.  I've questioned this as RHEL 6 lifetime could run until 2020 with the current product lifespan strategy.  How would customers like to see httpd-2.4 presented in RHEL6?


Option 1 is in a separate channel (Optional or Supplementary perhaps?).  Downside to this is that all your current web servers that are subscribed to the Optional or Supplementary channel will be marked as being in line for an update.  I know this can be worked around, but it's just a touch rough.  I don't think it would be great for Red Hat to put it in a new pay-for channel.


Option 2 is to package it as httpd24-2.4 in the same way as other technology previews are sometimes done.  There can be no automatic upgrading done from 2.2 to 2.4 as a result.


Any thoughts?




Option 2 will cause the least friction. An examples of its current use are samba3x and php53 that use Conflicts stanza.


$ rpm -q --conflicts samba3x
samba < 0:3.5.4-0.70.el5
samba-client < 0:3.5.4-0.70.el5
samba-common < 0:3.5.4-0.70.el5
Note that for php53 does not have any obsolets on its own:
[guzenkovs@monitor03 ~]$ rpm -q --obsoletes php53
But its dependencies do:
[guzenkovs@monitor03 ~]$ rpm -qa --qf "%{NAME} %{CONFLICTS} \n"  php53\*
php53-common php-common 
php53-ldap (none) 
php53-xml (none) 
php53-pdo (none) 
php53 (none) 
php53-mysql (none) 
php53-gd (none) 
php53-xmlrpc (none) 
php53-devel (none) 
php53-cli (none) 
php53-snmp (none) 
php53-mbstring (none) 
[guzenkovs@monitor03 ~]$

the formatting in the post got discarded :(  Yet another bug in the Customer portal.

Hi Sergey, sorry you hit the formatting issue. The current text editor for Groups definitely leaves a lot to be desired so we'll be upgrading it soon.


It sounds like you've encountered other bugs with the Portal as well. When you do, please don't hesitate to report them in the Customer Portal group, or open a bug on them.

Thank you David. 

I already opened two cases and raised other suggestions in private conversations with Red Hat people.  Most common answers at the moment are: "Currently not possible and won't fix". "We are aware of the issue."

There's many regressions. Authentication problems, no editing history for the KB articles, untranslated documents are no longer visible if you choose to use other language than English, etc.

But I am sure we'll get there eventually :) We are living in the early days of the new portal.

Btw I joined the group you suggested. Hopefully I can be useful there.

Sergey, I appreciate your patience. I know it's frustrating to encounter bugs, and even more so when you're reporting them and it seems like they aren't being addressed. Trust me, we do hear you, and there's a long list of improvements on the way. As you say, we'll get there. In the meantime, don't hesitate to make your voice heard! :)

Good point Sergey.  I should have mentioned the Conflicts side of things.


I would see httpd being a conflict for any httpd24 package so that both couldn't be installed at the same time.