802.1q (VLAN tagging) with native VLAN

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Our network admin set up the switch port for eth0 so that 802.1q is enabled.  However, he set up a "native" (in other words, default) VLAN which has no tag.  Any frames going to other VLANs over the same switch port will be explicitly tagged.  Is is possible to use "native" VLANs with RHEV 3.0?  When configuring a VLAN in RHEV-H, it requires a non-zero VLAN ID.


Native VLANs get tagged at the switch, so all you need to do is set up a logical network without a VLAN tag

So you want it as below?

eth0 (native vlan) -> rhevm.

eth0.22 (tagged vlan) -> network1

eth0.23 (tagged vlan) -> network2


and so on? If yes, you cannot do that at the moment, there is an RFE already filed to make it possible in a future version of RHEV. If you can discuss with your network admin and find out the tag for native vlan, usually 1, and configure it as eth0.1 -> rhevm, it will work.

The VLAN tagging of the ethernet frames is optional with 802.1q.  As I understand it, a frame without a tag in an 802.1q-enabled network is called native. 


I couldn't get RHEV-H to communicate with RHEV-M over the native VLAN.  I tried using the ID of the native VLAN but that didn't work.  I also tried to set the VLAN ID to 0 but that was not accepted.


I'm going to ask the network admin to include the tag.