RHEV-M : issue when removing disk without corresponding VM

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I'm currently testing RHEV 3.1 with a setup our test/dev team will be using. I saw there's now new "section" where you can view all your disks and also create disks without a corresponding VM.


So I created a disk without attaching a VM to it to test the FC storage domain. The creation of the disk went fine and quick as expected. When i tried to remove the disk however it stayed in "locked" status for hours.

I changed the imagestatus value in the images table from "2" to "1" so it would have a state "OK" where I could delete the whole storage domain if needed (doesn't work with a locked disk).


Because I didn't have this behaviour using disks attached to a VM, I thought that maybe the "single disk" might be the culpritt. So once I had the disk in the "OK" state and addid it to an existing VM, the initial delete operation finished fine and the disk was removed.


I think this is a bug.





Was this problem found with a shared disk only?


Does it happen everytime you try to add a disk or was this a one off incident?

I updated to the latest beta. The problem doesn't seem to appear anymore

Glad to hear you resolved it, Vincent.

VM stay in locked mode for 3 days , after moving to a different data domain ?