USERS: VM inheriting incorrect permissions on RHEV3.0

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I'm seeing that a VM being created in the user admin portal is inheriting incorrect permissions. I want to run this by you before I raise as an issue.

This is my setup :-


1.  Authentication is via AD

2.  I have made a copy of the predefined user role "UserVmManager" , edited the role and removed the permission to allow deletion of VM's and named the new role "PGDS_VmManager"

3. My AD user account  is added to the user role "PGDS_VmManager"

4. The role is applied to the DC that I wish to create VM's and the related clusters inherit this role.

5. I login to the user admin portal using my AD account and create a VM (clone from  a template)


Permissions inherited on the VM are "UserVmManager" , not "PGDS_VmManager" as I would expect.

Moreover, I am able to delete the VM via user admin portal proving that the incorrect role has been inheritted.


Thank You


Definitely sounds like a bug to me, can you submit a ticket about this?

Will do.

Support Case 00702656 raised to cover.



Thanks Richard, great catch

This is the latest from support :-


I was able to reproduce this issue in our internal lab and didn't see any bug filed already for this. I am going to file a bug now.





BZ #855915