offline upgrade RHEV-H

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I have 2 servers running RHEV-H. These dont have external connectivity and cannot connect to RHN.  How can i upgrade these servers to new versions?


Are the updates to the RHEV-H released as independent RPMs or as a rollup hypervisor iso image? 


The preferred solution for you is to download the rpm from, copy it to RHEV-M and install using "rpm -ivh <rpm name>".


Thanks. When i do a rpm, won't that install it on RHEV-M. I want to install updates to the RHEV-H.  




The rhev-hypervisor RPM is only slightly more than a wrapper for the ISO image.  Installing it on any machine will create a /usr/share/rhev-hypervisor directory with an ISO file inside.  


To do the upgrade, you have a few options once you have the new ISO file.  The preferred method is as Sadique mentioned, though he omitted the last step.  Once you have the RPM installed on RHEV-M, you go to the RHEV-M Admin Console.  Then, you set the host you want to upgrade to maintenance mode.  Once it's in maintenance, in the machine details, there is an option to upgrade the host.  Click that, then choose the right rhev-h image from the menu that comes up.  


Other options include updating a pxe image or burning the ISO to a CD, then upgrading using the pxe image or CD image.  


Also, it's simpler to just register your machine to the RHEV-H channel, then a yum update will automatically pull down the latest RHEV-H to your RHEV-M machine.