Migrate infrastructure to Linux Plataform to provide the service of the Oracle Database 11g

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Currently my company's infrastructure uses Windows Server 2008 to provide the service of the Oracle Database 11g, which the initial steps to migrate all my platform to Red Hat would like to know examples of companies that have opted for this change is measured and how the gains with respect to cost-benefit and even on the return on investment (ROI).


Hello Alvaro.  My name is Chris Robinson, and I'm a Technical Account Manager here at Red Hat.  Your question about migrating Oracle to Linux is a VERY common one.  You'll be in great company with legions of our other customers running in a configuration like this.  I've compiled a few quick links for you to start off your research:


2012 - Deploying Oracle 11gR2 on RHEL 6

Red Hat Summit 2012 - Oracle RAC 11gR2 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

2012 - Accelerating Oracle Database Performance on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 with Fusion-io directCache

2012 - Virtualized Oracle Database Deployments using Red Hat Enterprise Linux with KVM


These are just the most recent examples of videos and Reference Architectures we have here in the Customer Portal.  I'll have to dig a bit deeper to see if we have any ROI calculators, but the facts detailed in these documents and videos should certainly help you start to build a compelling business case for the move.