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From what I have researched and tested, atd will only create a log entry atd incurrs a fatal error.  During normal operations no log activity is created.


My goal is to have date/time and command execution information logged about any at job.  The information will be used for security and audt purposes.


Is there a way to have atd log to a standard syslog facility?



Currently job output is emailed to the user.The ability to log job output to a log file has not yet been implemented in
'at'. 'at' doesn't support syslog. So unfortunately there is no option to achieve this. This could be a feature request, so please open a support request for the same.

--Jijesh Kalliyat

I dont have much experience with AT, but maybee use a wrapper around the command



logger -i -t ATD "Starting ${CMD}"

if [ $? != 0 ]; then
  logger -i -t ATD "Error: ${CMD}"

logger -i -t ATD "Stopping ${CMD}"
exit 0

Jasper, this could be a possible workaround (did not test). We had an internal RHEL5 bug (#200917) to implement "at" logging which was closed due to insuficient data.


Todd, if you are opening a support request please highlight this thread and bugzilla #200917 (internal bugzilla id, you would not able to access it) in it.



Nitin Bansal