How to check ELS for RHEL4?

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I have a number of RHEL 4 servers, and have bought subscriptions for some of them. I can't find a way to associate the new ELS subs with the hosts I want to continue to get updates etc, is there a command I can run t be sure which systems are associated/registered with which subs?


Or perhaps the system is honor based and it's up to me to ensure that only the RHEL 4 systems I have bought ELS for are updating?


If I just run the update command on RHEL 4 it tells me that all systems are up to date but I don't know if this is just because the system I run the command for does not have the ELS entitlement if you see what I mean....


I have asked Redhat for advise on this directly but they have been no help whatsoever so far and frankly are giving me the run-around, so any assistance or sugestions would be very much appreciated.


Many thanks in advance! 


The RHEL 4 ELS Add-On is delivered as a child channel of the RHEL 4 base RHN channel like other Add-Ons.


This following KBASE explains how to subscribe to RHEL 4 ELS:


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On your RHEL 4 hosts you can run this command: 
grep 'ID' /etc/sysconfig/rhn/systemid 
Take that ID string and match it to the host that corresponds 
in This is a very manual process but hope it helps to narrow down 
the systems and then you can subscribe them to the ELS child channel as 
referenced in the KB article

Hope it helps,