Hello? Anyone here?

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 I find that when I say I paid for my RHEL6 at places like LinuxQuestions.org  say go ask ( RedHat )them. 


 That is reasonable since RedHat and in turn every one of you have some of your pay as a part of my fees and I am okay with that but that no one here is responding at all.  Well that is disturbing.



 Help me please. 


 Don't punish me for paying for RedHat 6 when Centros was free please.



 So hello friends!  I know I have much to learn about using RHEL6 as my desktop WorkStation but hey it really is solid and cool!


 I just need to upgrade the Gcalctool to 2.6 and I need Ghex so I am not sure why I cannot simply have all the dependancies installed like .. eh.. Fedora which is free by the way.




 So come on.. Help a common user here.



Hi Ernst,


since this is a community forum it's not granted that you'll get the help you seek in here. As you have paid for your subscription, as you've said earlier, you are of course eligible to access our support staff through the RHN support site (support.redhat.com) and open a ticket with them.





Hi Ernst,

I noticed you've posted on a few related issues, so I've just cleaned up some of the duplicate threads.

You can find your current discussions at:

  • https://access.redhat.com/discussion/installing-ghex-help-requested
  • https://access.redhat.com/discussion/installing-common-support-repos-question
  • https://access.redhat.com/discussion/help-requested-installing-cuda-environment

and of course this thread.

Keep in mind, as Marko said, that this is a community forum rather than a support channel, so if you have an urgent issue it may be best to open a support case.

Thanks, and welcome to the Groups!

-David Powles
Community Administrator

Yes hello Marko


  It has been frustrating for me during this upgrade of machine and OS.


 It's not fun to have to post that I am dumb as to how to.


 So far I learned that there are versions of the libraries that must be maintained for the proper functioning of RHEL6 so updating say glib to 2.x... is not in the best interest so I was told that I can somehow place the needed versions of things in their own directories and tell the compiler to generate a newer Gcalctool using the library versions needed.  I'm looking at that today.


 Is it true then that HREL6 is much like Fedora14?  I found Fedora14 satisfactory for a desktop and a laptop.


 Well, once I find my way I'm sure all the noise I am making will subside.


 I see I am in for some learning experiences.


Thanks for the reply.


Very well.  I am sure I can modify my interactions to be in-line with acceptable practices.


 Frankily it seemed dead so a little bad behaviour seemed to be in order.


 Yes, I am floundering with the new OS and yes I have things to learn.