RHEV-H-3 Issue with two bridges (RHEVM and BRETH0) ...

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I installed RHEV-H v3.0 (and RHEV-M v3.0) and installed my first guest.

While I was assigning an statuc IP to my guest (RHEL 6 guest), I noticed that there were two bridges defined on the RHEV-H (v3.0) host, namely "rhevm" and "breth0".


Researching further, I came across this KB article https://access.redhat.com/knowledge/ja/node/67411. However the KB article mentions environment as


  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 2.2
  • Both Red Hat Entperise Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Hypervisor hosts.

But I still applied the same procedure to RHEV-H v3.0 host as my guest not reachable over the network. Thus, dissociating "eth0" on RHEV-H (v3) host from "breth0" and finally deleting "breth0" and associating "eth0" to "rhevm" bridge, got my guest n/w working as expected.


So, I am not sure whether what I did was correct and still the described bug (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=754331) exists even for RHEV-H v3.0 ?


Can someone clarify ?





Hi Dharmesh,


First of all, great job finding the resolution and dealing with it, and even greater job reporting about it here.


As for the issue itself, it will require some investigation to determine what exactly went wrong. Will you be able to open a support ticket and attach a host sosreport there? I'm especially interested in the host's kernel messages, ovirt.log and vdsm-reg.log. 


When you change the network settings manually, you also need to persist the changed config files, make sure you do that, unless you want the host to reboot back into a faulty state, when you reboot it next time.