Facing some weird issues whiling using X

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We're facing various problems since we moved to RH6.1 x64 OS.

1. Font – Even though we're using exactly the same font on both servers, yet, it looks terrible on the new server. see image link:

2. Screen get splotch - whenever dragging a window, any window, it gets all blurred and messy. the only way to fix it would be to close and window and to reopen it.

3. Copy and Paste doesn't work all times - sometimes, it is needed to copy few times until it actually copies. same for paste.

4. Keyboard is too sensitive – this cause to print multiple characters.

5. Adds commas when entering '<'

I know, these issues sound pretty unusual but it is just painful to work like this.


Your suggestions would be much appreciated.



I think there was a VNC server switch between RHEL5 and RHEL6? (RealVNC <-> TigerVNC) Are you noticing the behavior on console, via VNC, or both? At the very least, you might be able to try the latest version of RealVNC Server and see if its any better.

Thanks for your reply Phil.


On the older server - I have vnc-server-4.1.2 installed while on the new one it's TightVNC version 1.3.


these glitches happen mostly while using GUI. you think its related to VNC rather than the X-server itself?

You bet. I think I would investigate VNC performance because it sounds like those issues might be VNC related. If you are using TightVNC now, RHEL6 comes with tigervnc-server. I try to stay as close as possible to baseline packages because they are generally well tested. First thing I'd do is swap to the stock VNC server, then try RealVNC next if you are still in bad shape.

Also, try various encoding types with your VNC client, like using hextile or Zlib or Zlibhex. Tight encoding is lossy (my understanding is that it is JPEG based) and computationally expensive.