Commercial SSL cert for RHEV-M 3

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I'm looking for documentation on how to use commercially signed server cert for RHEV-M management interface. There seems to be multiple keystores(/etc/pki/rhevm/.keystore, /etc/httpd/alias). So is there a procedure to import the commercial CA-cert, commercial crt to the javakeystore and make all those additional files that are needed for apache/etc?


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Hello Toni,


Sorry it took a while, but I am working on a way to replace the ssl certificates used to sign the https websites RHEV-M presents. Seems to work just fine, but I prefer to test it out before I publish it, so in a couple of days I'll have something ready I hope

Hello Dan,


Has any procedure been published yet for replacing the SSL certificates?

Its in the queue to be published on the high priority list, watch the tech briefs (link in the "Knowledge" tab)