RHEV3 : is it possible to browse a FC domain ?

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I'm willing to browse eth FC domain I have attached to my hypersisors.

How is that possible (from rhevm or Hypersisor)?



It's not possible at this time to browse contents of a storage domains from RHEV-M.


From rhev-h: Each disk of a vm is an lv and if the disk has snapshots or deployed from template, then it's a group of lvs created using COW. To identify which lv belongs to which vm and to which disk, we need to do some manual operations.


If the vm is running, then you can run "vdsClient -s 0 list tables" and check the values for drives.

More or less you may poke around "/rhev/data-center/mnt/blockSD/" mount point in spm ( storage pool manager ) host.

If you could provide what you are looking for exactly, it will be possible to tell you where the specific data can be found