lvm mirroring best practices

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setting up lvm mirroring is not very clear from reading the documentation or the man pages.  For example what is the rule of thumb on sizing a mirrorlog drive? 


Scenario is mirror two drives located in SAN arrays that have 2km of fiber between them and also setup a mirror log on disk for the logical volume. 






The log is just a bitmask of dirty regions.  The default region size (configurable via lvm.conf, lvcreate -R, or lvconvert -R) is 512Kb.  So, at 1 bit per region, your log would need 1 byte for every 4Mb of space in your mirror, plus space for a header (which I believe is 1Kb, if I remember correctly).    


With that, you'll usually only need 1 extent, unless the PV is very large or you're using very small regions.  10Mb for the log is usually sufficient using the default region, extent, and metadata area size. 



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