how to remove a "non oprational" hypervisor

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install hypervisor 6.2 ,when approve the  hypervisor in rhevm GUI , it becomes "non operational" , set it to maintenance mode failed :

Host can not access one of the  Storage domains attached to it ,or the data center object. setting the Host state to "Non-Operational"

login to hypervisor remotely ,try to login the iscsi storage  attached inthe  date center ,successfully.


I want to remove the hypervisor and reregister the hypervisor ,but how to set the state to maintenance mode ,then  remove it ,in rhevm 2.2 ,there are commands :

C:\> sqlcmd -S .\SQLEXPRESS -d rhevm -Q "select vds_id from vds_static where vds_name="YOUR_HOST_NAME"" Example output: vds_id -------------- 1


C:\> sqlcmd -S .\SQLEXPRESS -d rhevm -Q "UPDATE dbo.vds_dynamic SET status=2, vm_active=0, vm_count=0, vm_migrating=0 WHERE vds_id="YOUR_HOST_ID"


which could set the hypervisor state to maintenance  manually , are there the similar commands in rhevm3.0 ?