Multiseat support

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I'd like to see proper support for multiseat in RHEL 7. This is targeted for the desktop market and it's primary competitor is Microsoft Windows Multipoint Server.


Multiseat was present in the past but (IIRC) got lost after GDM 2.20 and the switch to ConsoleKit:



Now with the migration to systemd there's planned support for multiseat but I haven't tested it yet. I have all the necessary equipment to test though.


Make sure that all bits are in place for multiseat to work:

  * systemd / gdm support

  * driver support, primarily udlfb for USB framebuffer devices

  * fix this bug if possible



Currently I'm maintaining a custom multiseat solution on RHEL6 which more or less works nice. For some thought and info please see this article:


+1 this for SURE.  Multi-seat is a great tool that would be a great benefit.  Not every customer wants to run solutions that require extra hardware or the like.


Don't want to have to *need* extra equipment though; all I should need is a graphics output, keyboard & mouse port to connect to my extra monitor, keyboard & mouse.


The ability to run a sound connection to the user would be a benefit.  I'm not a USB expert, but it would even be nice to be able to lock any USB devices plugged into that console to the logged in user (thinking about USB keys here that might be plugged into a keyboard with integrated USB hub.