kdump warning on startup

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Dear redhat Enterprise members

I have a Redhat EL6 basic server installation. 24Gb Ram,73 Gb disk for OS. swap = 26 Gb.Rest is for / but i am a very novice Redhat admin?

The following problem presented itself:
On startup kdump gives the following warning:
'Your running kernel is using more than 70% of the amount of space you reserved for kdump, you should consider increasing your crashkernel reservation'

I inserted 'crashkernel=128M rhgb quiet" in the grub.conf file in /etc as per the redhat manual for ES 6.

How serious is this warning? Can I disable the kdump and how? = chkconfig kdump off? So then I dont have any dump for a crash yes? What is standard/best practice?

Thanks to all!