DRBD Support In RHEL7

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Will we finally see DRBD support on RHEL7? This would give great opportunities to build some HA designs.




I'm assuming your request for "support" means DRBD being included inbox? We currently have a cooperative support agreement in place with Linbit for current customers:





The packages themselves have been available on multiple RHEL versions for quite a while.

If you are concerned with support, Andrius' note sums it up pretty nicely.



I'm interested in knowing more about your "designs" - what exactly are you looking to do? Integrate DRBD with say, GFS2? OR just something basic?





Red Hat, Inc.

I am using RHEL5.6 and RHEL6 and am interested in using DRBD for file system replication between primary NFS server and backup NFS server. Currently not using GFS but plan to in the future. So does RedHat support DRBD for simiple file system replication

Again, Red Hat doesn't support DRBD because it is an out-of-box ISV application, but we do have cooperative support processes in place with Linbit that allow us to assist customers that do choose to use it in their environment.


Red Hat does not restrict the use of DRBD, but if a support case is created, all efforts are made to assist, but it may require including Linbit to help as well.


As a note, currently Red Hat does not support GFS with DRBD, but this discussion is a good place to have your requests made for RHEL 7! :-)


Thank you!



Red Hat, Inc.

I would love to see this supported out of the box by redhat. With kernel support now in the mainline kernel having the kernel modules and utils there by default would be very useful


I think it is very important to have DRBD support in two ways:
1. A basic storage replicator (ie: ext3, ext4).
2. Shared replicated storage with GFS2.  

Redhat folks, your stance here makes no sense to me (and probably others) for several reasons :


1: It's integrated into the kernel as of 2.6.33 so it doesn't make sense why you don't just ackowledge it will be included in the Kernel to be released with RHEL 7. http://www.drbd.org/download/mainline/

Unless your proposing that when your new kernel is spun you'll deliberatley remove those features even though they are out there?


2: Compare yourself with other vendor offerings, your lacking a core feature here that has been in Solaris, AIX and Veritas products for years.


Sun/Oracle offer remote-snapshotting in ZFS. They also offer tools for replication of block devices at the server level via AVS (SNDR) so it all stays inhouse, native tools there.

AIX offer geo-mirror so the native LVM can perform replication of block devices to a remote machine.

Veritas/Symantec offer Veritas Volume replicator which offers advanced features (like remote volume checksumming/comparison/re-synchronisation) that go further than other offerings. It can also be integrated easily into Veritas Global Cluster and hence build properly documented / standardised / supported solutions for local clusters with DR.


3: Loss of busness for yourselves and for Linbit?

Why don't you offer this, integrate it with forethought into Redhats cluster offering and you can start to have local clusters with replication to a tertiary node via DRBD & really start taking on the disk vendors that suck such huge quatities of cash from large Coporates.

You'd do everyone a favour getting your weight behind this product, getting a bigger install base out there meaning subsequently less bugs. People could stop being locked into vendor specific replication technologies.

It needs larger deployment volumes and market acceptance & lets face it, your the largest Linux vendor.


Put your weight behind it, come on.....

It seemed crazy to not ship DRBD with RHEL6. It would be astounding to not ship it with RHEL7.


DRBD has the potential, if treated as a first class storage solution for Cluster Suite, to bring clustering the masses (i.e no upfront SAN HW cost). Seems a good way of selling lots more RHEL subscriptions (and cluster suite subs).

The whole "Red Hat doesn't support DRBD because it is an out-of-box ISV application" is just silly.


Redhat supported XEN even though it was a out-of-box ISV solution.



I would love to see this in RHEL7 (actually make that 6, I'd rather not wait). Having to use 3rd party repos is far from ideal, and the grey area with support is making this a harder sell to our management that it needs to be.

So its 2017, and DRBD is still not part of RHEL despite it being merged into the Linux kernel in 2.6.33 in 2009?? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Distributed_Replicated_Block_Device#Inclusion_in_Linux_kernel

Not sure what game Red Hat is playing here.

Yeap RedHat, still no support, and you decided to break compatibility in 7.5: https://lists.gt.net/drbd/users/29709?page=last So what about your agreement with LinBit? Couldn't it be tested earlier and solved before it hit customers? If you'd include DRBD in your distro, then new versions would be tested with this to avoid incompatibilities and react at the early stage.

Hi Jakub, this seems to be still valid, meaning we do not support DRDB from Red Hat ourselves as the support comes from LinBit. This is how we work successfully with many 3rd party software providers.
LinBit posted a workaround to run DRDB on all RHEL 7 versions, so they done their part for it as well. If you are looking for supported shared storage solution working with RHEL7 and that is fully supported by Red Hat you might have to look for our Storage product Gluster, e.g. here... https://access.redhat.com/products/red-hat-storage