Upgrade to Samba3x versus Red Hat Linux 4

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I have upgraded my samba3 version to samba3x on my Red Hat Linux 5 servers. All fine. This was needed because of an upgrade of Active directory not supporting anymore the usual samba3. So far, so good.


But what about samba on my remaining Red Hat 4 servers ? I have searched on RHN for samba3x 32 bit but i only get versions of the needed samba3x packages for Red Hat 5 ?


Does this mean I have no other choice than upgrading my Red Hat 4 servers (32 bit) to Red Hat 5 (64 bit) ?





Because of issues such as this (and the Samba3/3x issues supporting large/complex AD forrests), we opted to use LikeWise Open. It's free, more capable than Samba3/3x and is configurationally identical across all supported platforms (RHEL 4 & 5, Solaris, Macintosh, etc.). If you use automated software provisioning like we do, you only have to maintain one set of installpackages, config scripts, etc. - which is a real lifesaver in a large environment.

Aside from Thomas' excellent suggestion for LikeWise, you can also:

  1. download the source RPM for samba3x from ftp.redhat.com and attempt to build it for RHEL4, or
  2. grab the source from www.samba.org and build the latest release for RHEL4.



- I went to ftp.redhat.com but didn't find the samba3x sources ?


- I also went to samba.org. I see there a lot of samba3's but they don't mention samba3x. Is there an alternative naming ? samba 3.5 or other ?


- Some people must have compiled it and brought the binary for RH4  to the web ? I didn't find one sofar.





You can download the source package for samba3x from rhn.


In the below link, click on "Download Source Package".