networkmanager causing bond interface failing

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Hi all:


I was try to bonding eth0 and eth1 to bond0 interface. it look find but other hosts can't ping or ssh to it.

and I have to stop the networkmanager serivece and working fine. why networkmanger will causing this issue?


Disable NetworkManager and use network instead

Not a lot of information to go on. Can you supply your specific config file contents (your /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts files and you /etc/modprobe.conf contents), boot logs transcripts and routing tables (etc.)?

If you are using RHEL 5 or older, you can refer to the following KBASE for setting up bonding:

If you are using RHEL 6, you can check out the following KBASE:

Wow, here is yet another one for RHEL 3/4/5:

I am using redhat el 6. I did follow the instrution from redhat side.

only thing is I have to disable the Network Manager to make the bond interface work.

whay need to trune off network Manager?

NetworkManager does not have the feature to configure bonding yet.

First stop NetworkManager:

service NetworkManager stop


chkconfig NetworkManager off

to turn NetworkManager off permenently.


Hope this will help.