Need to enable logging of NIS activity for troubleshooting

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How do i enable NIS logging??



Normally, ypserv (NIS server) reports only errors (access violations, dbm failures) using syslog facility. Ypserv log these information to /var/log/messages, and to my knowledge no other additional logging is performed. In /var/log/messages, entries should be by "ypserv[process#]".

For troubleshooting purpose, both NIS server (ypserv -d ) and NIS client (ypbind -d ) can be put in to debug mode. In addition to debug, ypbind support verbose logging too.




# /etc/init.d/ypserv stop
# ypserv -d

In debug mode, the server does not background itself and prints extra status messages to stderr for each request that it receives.


--Jijesh Kalliyat