Warning: coreos-installer-bootinfra from the AppStream repo will break the boot sequence

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Hi all,

coreos-installer-bootinfra can break the initramfs images

Do not install it , if you do not need it

If you did install it, use this workaround (handed to me by Red Hat support):

vi /etc/dracut.conf.d/10fixcoreOS.conf


dracut -vf /boot/your_latest_initramfs.img your_latest_kernel_version

I got into trouble, and hope you will avoid it.

bugzilla 2025045 is opened by Red Hat support

The slotuion in progress is written by the reporter of the bugzilla red Hat engineer Steven Gardner.


Jan Gerrit

P.S. Thanks Red Hat support for saving my day.


Hi Jan,

Thank you very much for the warning and the workaround ! Very much appreciated ! Have a great weekend, my friend ! :)