OCP4.9 install error in aws

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I'm using IPI to install an Openshift cluster in my AWS environment.
When I tried to install using an ec2 g4dn instance on a worker node, I was caught in the EC2 quota limit and could not install.
Therefore, I applied for an extension of the upper limit of the g-type instance quota and re-executed it, but it seems that the upper limit of the x-type instance is being checked during installation, and the cluster cannot be deployed successfully.

Is this a bug?
I will post the log.


FATAL failed to fetch Cluster: failed to fetch dependency of "Cluster": failed to generate asset "Platform Quota Check": error(MissingQuota): ec2/L-7295265B is not available in ap-northeast-1 because the required number of resources (96) is more than the limit of 0


- architecture: amd64
hyperthreading: Enabled
name: worker
- ap-northeast-1a
- ap-northeast-1c
- ap-northeast-1d
type: g4dn.12xlarge
replicas: 2