RHEL 9 Beta repos

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I am able to see RHEL 9 images on openstack, Does any one know if we have RHEL 9 Beta repos available so I can subscribe using Redhat Satellite.


Hi Harsha,

There is no official RHEL9 Beta or Preview available for customers at the moment, the latest available Beta release is RHEL 8.5 ... :)


Thank you for the confirmation.

You're welcome, Harsha ! :)

If, for anything, you are looking for RHEL-9 related stuff, there is CentOS Stream 9 which will eventually evolve into RHEL-9.

For details, please see CentOS Stream 9 "launch" promotion.

Hi Akemi,

Thanks ! Interesting side note: It seems that now we (the community members) have to inform the Red Hatters
(Did you see the Red Hat logo in Harsha Cherukuri's profile avatar ?) what will be available, and when ... :D :D :D

Cheers :)

Hi Christian,

Yes, I did see it.....

Of course there might be non-public RHEL9 beta repos as I noticed today that upstream anaconda git now has a rhel-9-beta branch.