How to implement master component on Openshift

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Need to clustered routes on Openshift for fail-over cases.

Even try article below,
Camel Master needs,

      enabled: true
      id: ${random.uuid}
      root: ${}

configuration in application.yml.

With cluster.file, all instances create or already created camel route file in folder and check lock status. If the file already locked by any instance, master works and the other instances located stand-by.
But, every Openshift pods create own files into own container's folder.

However we can create external stash and give directions into, it seems not ideal for our point.

Thinking remove cluster.file dependency and wrong configuration in the project.

With and without this, I tried ZooKeeper and Kubernetes dependencies for integration. Every time project throw:

org.apache.camel.FailedToCreateRouteException: Failed to create route clustered-1: Route(clustered-1)[From[master:fuse-nodes-1:timer://tTimer... because of Failed to resolve endpoint: master://fuse-nodes-1:timer://tTimer?period=5000 due to: Cannot auto create component: master

exception while initializing.

Any suggestion or guide article advice?

Thanks for all help.
Best regards.


Hello Cuneyt,

The article you follow is from 2018 and the versions referenced there are definitely out of date. Have you had a chance to review our official documentation on the master component?

Best Regards, Torsten Mielke

Hello Torsten,

Thank you for your kind answer. Yes, I saw the document you said. Finally I tried ZooKeeper again. Installed ZooKeeper local and configurated the project. Then it works. But, in Openshift, ZooKeeper guaranteed by SASL. I'm searching how to implement credentials/certification on Fuse Project. If you know any page to guide ZooKeeper SSL configuration, I'll be grateful.

Best regards.

Apologies, I am not aware of any Red Hat based documentation that would answer your question. Wonder if the Zookeeper documentation at Apache may help you.