rhn_register unable to find Red Hat Network

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I installed Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3, and want to register to Red Hat Network, but when I launch rhn_register and go forward to insert credentials, it show an error (see attached picture) that say which it cannot reach xmlrpc.rhn.redhat.com; note that internet connection is active.

There are any setting to do before?
Thanks in advance for Your help.
Mauro Rosati
Infordata S.p.A.


Hi Paolo,

Why RHEL 5 ? Completely outdated - and insecure. No updates ... lots of trouble (like the issue you're facing).
Please consider to install one of the latest supported RHEL editions, which would be either RHEL 7.9 or 8.4. :)


Hi Christian,

I need to test FFF (form, fit and function) hardware; in the preliminary test I made a new installation of RHEL 5.3. After this test I will try on the specific S.O. RHEL 5.3's based. Thanks.

Hello Paolo,

Let me iterate what Christian as told before. However, if there is an absolute requirement to install/setup RHEL5.x system then please refer below attached KB articles which are relevant here:

Cannot register system to RHN , unable to ping xmlrpc.rhn.redhat.com

While registering the system to RHN Classic it fails with error "We could not contact Red Hat Network (xmlrpc.rhn.redhat.com)"

Check if this helps.


Please give serious reconsideration to your plans because Red Hat Linux version 5 is extremely outdated, and there have not been security updates for it for years, besides the fact nothing current is designed for it. Please use a current version of Red Hat Linux. Whatever you're trying to achieve with Red Hat version 5 - you can do it better with a current version of Red Hat Linux.