leapp upgrade removes the packages during upgrade from RHEL 7.9 to 8.2

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While analyzing the leapp report, found that leapp upgrade will remove certain packages from system with the following meesage:

Risk Factor: high
Title: Packages not signed by Red Hat found on the system
Summary: The following packages have not been signed by Red Hat and may be removed during the upgrade process in case Red Hat-signed packages to be removed during the upgrade depend on them

So I have used a custom leapp repo, to have that all upgraded packages for 8.2, which are going to be removed.

But when leapp upgrade finished, packages from custom repo are not installed, but older version are removed.

I am not sure why the packages from custom repo was not installed.

Followed the docs




Hello Keyur Barapatre,

If you've followed those articles/documents then it should have worked.

I presume this could be the cause: Leapp doesn't use the custom repos configured under /etc/yum.repos.d/ directory unless specified with "leapp preupgrade" or "leapp upgrade" commands, as it is stated that only the repo file "/etc/leapp/files/leapp_upgrade_repositories.repo" would be used by leapp.

Leapp ignores the enabled directives set for custom repositories in any of the .repo files. Leapp uses repositories from the /etc/yum.repos.d/ directory if they are enabled through the --enablerepo option of the leapp command, and automatically all repositories configured in the /etc/leapp/files/leapp_upgrade_repositories.repo file.

That might be the problem at first look. Though, I'm not certain on the environment and state over there.

I do have configured the repo in /etc/leapp/files/leapp_upgrade_repositories.repo

But one interesting point i observed that, from the custom repo, it was not actually installing all the packages.

For instance,

I have already installed "postgesql10-server" package on RHEL7 And in custom repo, I have latest package for "postgesql10-server" which was compatible with RHEL8

After upgrade "postgesql10-server" gets uninstalled, But new one from custom repo was not installed.

So any idea why leapp ignored this package specifically ? OR this was maybe due to the package ?

Did you find anything useful in the leapp logs over there ( /var/log/leapp/*)? I'm not really sure on this, however, if there is a package from both third party and Red Hat available then it might skip the third party one. Let's see if anyone from Red Hat provide some insight into this.