What Hardware RAID cards have successfully installed RHEL8?

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I am tasked with updating a group of servers which use a now unsupported RAID card to RedHat 8. As a replacement the SAS9361-8i was suggested but I have recently found that the driver for RHEL8 for this card has an issue and is awaiting a fix (from Broadcom). As I am not doing well on my own, I thought I would ask the community what Hardware Raid cards have successfully had RHEL8 installed on them.
I would need to boot from the RAID, and have support for RAID 10 (at least that is what is currently being used).
Thank You.


Hello Terry,

You may visit this hardware combability link to find out what controllers are supported/certified with RHEL8: https://catalog.redhat.com/hardware/components/search?p=1&c_version=Red%20Hat%20Enterprise%20Linux%208&ch_architecture=x86_64

Natively, the mdraid subsystem supports software RAID implementation. More details, please refer this: https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/red_hat_enterprise_linux/8/html/managing_storage_devices/managing-raid_managing-storage-devices#linux-raid-subsystems_managing-raid

Hope this helps!

Thank you for the response. I had checked the hardware compatibility page and there are no RAID cards found when I query for them. I assume that means there are no cards supporting RAID that have been certified as working with RHEL 8.x . I do see that there are complete systems which support RAID, so I may have to suggest one of these.