Manually setting up Jboss Service

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New to Jboss and RHEL 7. Faced with and environment that I need to manually install Jboss 7.2 from zip file. At the last step and I was wondering if anyone has any insight to manually setting up the Jboss service to run automatically..
Was referencing this:

Copied Jboss_home/bin/init.d file to /etc/init.d/ and jboss-eap-rhel.conf to /etc/default. But not able to get things working, error message appears can not found /etc/init.d/functions a reference that I can comment out in the file, but not sure of the role.
1. file as execute permissions
2. modified standalone.conf file to get to work (just not sure if that is right path for setting up service..

Any insight is helpful since first time dealing with setting up a service. Yum normally does all the leg work. Still going to look into this, but any help will save a little time so thought I would ask