Cobbler Kickstart failing on Dell 7750

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We received a new Dell Precision 7750, I am able to configure the Bios with Secure Boot off and Fastboot = Through, Thunderbolt is enabled and Enabled UEFI Network Stack. It grabs the IP at the initial PXE window but then flash's a message and then goes to a blank screen. The Cobbler kickstart definitely works with other Dell laptops and desktops. The Cobbler server is RHEL 7.9, Cobbler version 2.8.5.

Does anybody know of the BIOS options that should be selected and also has anyone gotten this to work with a Dell Precision 7750?

Also anyone know if I can see the message that pops up after the PXE boot option?

Please help!!


Bit of a late response, but I had a similar issue with a Dell Precision 3640. I was able to build a "vanilla" PXE boot server (TFTP, Apache, and DHCP server) and get the system to successfully run an install. However, I haven't been able to get cobbler working with the new hardware. I think the crux of the issue lies with cobbler's initrd and vmlinuz files being old. Have you had any luck? Also, if you have a phone you can record the boot process and just scrub through the video to catch the messages that flash by too fast.