matlab launch window showing blank screen on RHEL 8 when I remote in using xrdp

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I installed on RHEL 8 and matlab .

When I logged into rhel 8 machine directly and launch matlab , I can able to launch it without issues.

But when I remote in rhel 8 machine through xrdp using xvnc session and launch matlab ... it is just showing a window with blank screen.

Can anyone observe this. Please guide me to fix the issue.


it has something to do with desktop effects, I know with the same computer when I port the graphics out through ssh and using a window's version of X11 (vcxrsrv) then the matlab works well. my co-worker has it working on the same machine using xrdp, but it is not working for my profile. Something to do with desktop effects

in the Remote Desktop Connection display settings, change the colors depth of the remote session to High Color (16 bit). It wasn't working and that change is what fixed it for me.

Thank you so much Greg McKenzie.

Its working after changing the depth of remote session to High Color(16 bit).

Thanks, Greg.

It was rorking for me in Rhel 7.7