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How to activate the hyperthreading of a VM redhat 7 this one being under vmware?


Hello Gilles Eberhardt,

This is mostly a BIOS feature but could vary from one to another virtualization technology. If you look at the output of the file '/proc/cpuinfo' OR by running the command "lscpu" you could get to know by taking the "Sockets", "Cores per Socket" and "Threads Per Core" parameter into considerations. You may run the command "# grep "physical id" /proc/cpuinfo|sort -u|wc -l" to list out the number of physical processors available on the system. This article may help to get more details https://access.redhat.com/solutions/224883

If hyper-threading is enabled then the "Threads per Core" parameter would tell you about it. You may run this command to verify this "# lscpu | egrep "Socket|Core|Thread"".

Read more about this here What is hyper-threading and how do I configure it?

I hope this helps!