Add an onprem worker node to AWS OCP Cluster

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I have Installed OpenShift on AWS with installer-provisioned infrastructure which comes with default 3 worker nodes.

my question:
Is it possible to add a worker node that is outside of AWS i.e. a system that is OnPrem, If so what are the steps?

I believe it is possible to add worker nodes to a cluster installed on bare metal with user-provisioned infrastructure.

Thank you!


Sure, Jay - there are several ways to do this. The best way would be using a VPN or DirectConnect connection between your premises and AWS to keep the cluster private.

While it is possible to add nodes that are in public address space, for security reasons I cannot advocate for that.

I agree on the VPN part.

Is this the new remote node feature that is coming to OpenShift 4.6 or is this available in 4.5?

If you can point me to some documentation on how to do this, that will be really helpful.

Thank you!

It should just be standard process to add a node to the cluster, afaik.

Note: I probably wouldn't be doing this at all; latency between nodes would be ridiculous. Instead I'd have a second cluster, and add geographic or location-based routing to the mix.