RHEL8: mariadb-libs filtered out by modular filtering

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Hi all,

I have a problem on RHEL8 that the RPM mariadb-libs is filtered out by modular filtering:
- One RPM requires MySQL-python
- MySQL-python needs libmysqlclient.so.18, which is part of the RPM mariadb-libs
- The RPM mariadb-libs in version 5.5.56-2, epoch:1 is available in one of our repositories (which are enabled and accessible of course...)
- By trying to install our RPM chain (with requiring MySQL-python, which furtheron requires mariadb-libs) the RPM mariadb-libs cannot be installed as it is filtered out by modular filtering.

I currently feel that the problem is that the exisiting mariadb-libs 5.5.56 has Epoch=1 whereas the mariadb-* RPMs in the stream rhel-8-for-x86_64-appstream-rpms run on Epoch=3.
Unfortunately there is no RPM mariadb-libs with Epoch=3 available.

Does anyone has an idea how to resolve this issue?

Thanks & best regards,


Solved by explicitely doing a "Require: mariadb-libs >= 1:5.5.56" before "Require: MySQL-python" in the spec file of the anchor RPM. To my surprise from now on mariadb-libs was installable and not filtered out by modular filtering anymore even when I used the old RPM without (!) the explicit "Require: mariadb-libs >= 1:5.5.56" .