Manage VMs from Hypervisor host

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How can we power on the VMs from the hypervisor web if we don't have access to the Red Hat manager?


When using Red Hat Virtualization, starting, stopping and otherwise managing VMs is best done from the RHV Manager. The manager has a database that tracks the VM state, which host is running the VM, snapshots and other information. If I were able to start the VM from the hypervisor, the manager would not know its state, and I could not migrate it to another host if needed.

If you are looking for a more simple solution, KVM will let you start a VM using the virsh commands. But you lose some of the management features of RHV.

If you are using RHV and are unable to access the RHV Manager, I think fixing that should be a priority.


You can start VM's from the command line using the API, but this does require the Manager to be running:

How to start/stop a VM using curl command with RESTful API for RHV4

Useful if you want to automate things with scripts. Or if you are working in a datacenter and don't have access to a GUI. You do also need to use the VM GUID, but this can also be retrieved using the API.