Installing Satellite 5.5 on Red hat 6 vm.

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I've got a new project to provision a Red hat 6 vm and install Satellite 5.5 on it. I will be using the embedded Oracle Database, but i'm a little fuzzy on the actual hardware requirements and setup. For comparison, the "current" production server has these specs. I want to know if these specs should be used for the RHN Satellite install of 5.5 with Red hat 6 and if not, what is the actual hardware layout recommended. I have looked at a few installation articles, but I can't see a clear path yet to the requirements.

Red Hat Satellite 5.4.1
Redhat Enterprise 5
VMware vSphere Client 5.1.0
4 cpu's
8192 MB Ram

4 Disks:
One-40gigs of Thick Provision Lazy Zeroed
Two-250gigs of Thick Provision Lazy Zeroed
Three-250gigs of Thick Provision Lazy Zeroed
Four-40gigs of Thick Provision Eager Zeroed


Spec wise looks fine. You'll need to figure out how much storage capacity you'll utilize based off the figures in the documentation. Quick glance at the Satellite 5.5 doc says 5GB for the base install, 12GB for Sate repo and 30GB per channel. RHEL 5 or 6 can be used for Satellite 5.5.

The official docs are pretty good on the per channel storage guidelines (~30GB per) but there's a two factors you need to keep in mind: each architecture and "spin" (64 bit vs 32 bit and 5 vs 6) is a different base channel. The Db storage I think is low, that runs about 3.5GB per channel so you can quickly get past the 12GB recommendation.

When you say 'disk' are these LUNs from a SAN? How easy are they to expand? Avoid NFS for anything under the DB location.

I put together a blog on the math for Satellite installs since this is an often talked about topic.

This is also all about 5.5, 5.6 just dropped which defaults to Postgres and a different DB location (/var/lib/pgsql). I haven't done the decomposition on Postgres vs Oracle on channel based DB growth since I just completed the first part of my local upgrade to 5.6.

Thanks for sharing that blog post, Matthew. I made a quick markup edit to your post to make it a proper link.

For what it's worth, I have a Satellite 5.5 system here running as a RHEV 3.2 VM. I gave it 150 GB of thin provisioned virtual disk space and 8 GB of memory. For some reason that escapes me, I also gave it 2 CPU sockets with one core each. I'm pretty cheap with my own hardware here so I might back that CPU down a little bit. I have another Satellite 5.5 system at a customer site as a RHEL KVM virtual machine. I don't remember what I gave that one for memory and disk space. And then another one as a VMware virtual machine with around 500 GB of fully provisioned disk space. The base OS for all of them is RHEL 6.4. If you have the choice, start with RHEL 6 and not RHEL 5 for your base OS.

I filled that 500 GB one up trying to sync all the channels from RHEL 6-64 and RHEL 5-32 and 64 bits. So these things can use a boatload of disk space.

So as long as you have plenty of disk space, you should be OK running it as a virtual machine.

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H/W recommendation on my RHNS production server:
1. Quad core or more
2. 8 GB RAM or more
3. 80GB Hardrive for OS, 30GB hardrive for RHEL Channel 5, Extra space for temporay data for example: download the Channel offline and upload on your satellite

THis server handle 50 Workstation and sync with 2 RedHat base channel, RHel 5 dan 6