Any interest in a gpg/openssl encryption and signing gui application for RHEL?

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I created just what the subject says: Pyrite, a OpenSSL/GnuPG encryption & signing frontend... catch is that I used python 2.7 and features of GTK+ 2.24 -- neither of which ship in RHEL6. Over the last year a few people have contacted me about getting this working in RHEL6 and so I wanted to gauge interest here. I would need to patch out some of the features, but it's probably doable.


Text input area for text encryption/decryption. Can do simple symmetric or asymmetric (or both). Can encrypt to self (auto-detects your key), tweak the cipher, do encrypt+sign, send to multiple recipients at once, etc.

Has a separate sign/verify mode for doing signing/verifying without encryption. Allows creating clearsign or detached signatures.

Per-user preferences system.

Can operate directly on binary (or text) files without loading them into buffer. Has pause and cancel buttons for large files.

Extremely configurable. Keyboard shortcuts for the most important things.

OpenSSL mode of course disables many things.

Help page showing cmdline-options.

[rsaw]$ pyrite -h
usage: pyrite [-h] [-d | -t] [-e | -s] [-c] [-r RECIP] [-k KEYUID]
              [-b {gpg,openssl}]

GnuPG/OpenSSL GUI to encrypt, decrypt, sign, or verify files/ASCII text input.

positional arguments:
  INPUT                 ascii input file to populate Message area with (NOTE:
                        treatment of INPUT is modified by '-t' & '-d')

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -d, --direct-file     flag INPUT as a file path to open in direct-mode
  -t, --text-input      flag INPUT as text instead of a file path
  -e, --encdec          enable encrypt/decrypt mode
  -s, --signverify      enable sign/verify mode
  -c, --symmetric       enable symmetric encryption mode
  -r RECIP, --recipients RECIP
                        recipients for asymmetric mode (semicolon-separated)
  -k KEYUID, --defaultkey KEYUID
                        override default gpg private key
  -b {gpg,openssl}, --backend {gpg,openssl}
                        backend program to use as encryption engine

Not captured in screenshot:
There are verbose tooltips for every radio button, check box, and button.


Note that there's an RPM for Fedora in my yum repo ... but as I said at the top, right now I'm interested in gauging interest for a port to RHEL. Thanks for reading!