Satellite 6.6: Operating System properties change auto. to RHEL 8.1

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Good morning,

I've defined in Satellite 6.6 a new Operating System for the Red Hat 8 with the name: RHEL Server 8.1.
I can choose this Operating System when I created a new server but after the system is completed and up and running, the satellite created a new one with the name: RHEL 8.1 and pushed the server in it. For testing, I moved this server into the other one (RHEL Server 8.1) but this configuration only lasts a few minutes. After that satellite replaces iot with the other one. Both Operating System parameters are identical.
I don't have this problem with my other OS like RHEL Server 7.7.

Do someone have an Idea about this phenomenon?

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I just came across this info : Bug 1429033 This bug looks suspiciously like my problem. Does anyone know more about it? Is there a resolution?