AWS ELB Configuration not working on Tower Cluster

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I am using AWS ELB to act as proxy server in front of my Ansible Tower cluster.

While trying to access ELB DNS name I am getting "This site can’t be reached" Error message. Also "tower-elb-******** refused to connect." message .

I have installed ansible tower as below:
./ -i inventory -e nginx_disable_https=1

Post installation I have updated "" file under /etc/tower/conf.d.
Added ::

and also made changes to "REMOTE_HOST_HEADERS" as below ::

Post making all the above changes I restart ansible tower on all nodes.

Please note I am able to login to each ansible tower node without any issues, but not able to login through AWS ELB.



but not able to login through AWS ELB

Is kind of vague.

  • Are you getting 5XX status-codes when you browse to the ELB?
  • Does the ELB pass its health-checks?
  • Are the instances and the ELB's security-groups correct?
  • etc.

Was there a solution here? I am currently troubleshooting the same issue.

ELB health checks are healthy until I run ./ -i inventory -e nginx_disable_https=1 Browsing directly to the instances becomes unavailable. I followed the article below but this solution did not work.