Unit suricata.service could not be found

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i have installed suricata 5.0.0 (using its source distribution files) in my RHEL7 Server VM.

I try to see the status of the service and restart suricata but when i run "systemctl status suricata" i receive an error: "Unit suricata.service could not be found".

Any ideas on how can i add it to systemd in order to manage suricata with systemctl from now on?

Thanks in advance for your support.



Basically you need to put a suricata.service file where systemd will find it (eg. /etc/systemd/system/ or /usr/lib/systemd/system/ ) and run systemctl daemon-reload to be sure it sees it. It looks (from a quick google) that the suricata source contains the file etc/suricata.service.in so there may be a suricata.service file already built.

Michael thank you very much. Indeed there was a suricata.service file under /etc/ folder in installation folder (source). So it worked smoothly by dropping it to /etc/systemd/system. Thanks again!